Steve Smith should not be judged for lifetime for his one mistake says, Rohit Sharma

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Steve Smith who has been founded as the mastermind for ball tempering recently in South Africa has been handed over a one-year ban by Cricket Australia for defaming their nation’s image in the whole world. Smith arrived in Sydney on Thursday in Singapore Airlines and have been welcomed disgracefully by the angry Australians. The former Australian captain Smith gave an emotional statement and apologized for his ‘serious error of judgement in his leadership’ and cried several times during the press conference at Sydney airport. Moreover, Australian media also supported Smith after his statement and his fans also sympathised him. and now the Indian opening batsmen Rohit Sharma wrote a heartful post on twitter to show the spirit of cricket and love for the tainted Australian cricketer.

Rohit Sharma who was denying to say anything on this ball tempering matter before the decision of Australian Cricket board, have now won millions of hearts with his tweet for Smith. However, this all scenario is now getting termed as the most shameful period for Australian Cricket team till date. Cameron Bancroft who was caught using a yellow sticky tape to make the ball more rigid and change its condition purposely. And then later Smith admitted it with Bancroft in the most explosive press conference that it was a pre-planned conspiracy to demolish the game and in the greed of victory. But what more dramatic happened in the end that Cricket Australia declared, that David Warner the former Vice-captain of Australian team was also aware of everything on the ground and was equally responsible for this misjudgement which literally rose the temper in Australians.



In the end now when everybody knows the truth most of the cricket legends like Rohit Sharma and Sachin Tendulkar are supporting Steve Smith as they believe that ‘even great players do mistakes sometimes’, But what’s your opinion on this all scenario let us know in the comment section.

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